Kite running

Kite running

Kite running is one of Afghan's entertainments and attract every newcomer's attention. Spinning, challenges and finally going after the free kite are parts of this game.
Now, after 35 years of life in Iran, people still play this game.

The thread of kite is wound around bobbin and held by someone for the kite runner.


Kiterunner hands:

Smashed glass is mixed with glue, rubbed to thread to make it sharp. Having touched other kites threads, this sharp thread can cut other kites strands.
Because of the smashed glass, This thread cut the kiterunner's hand. 

Kite runner and one who holds the bobbin.

When the kite thread is cut, everyone runs to get the free kite. The one catching the kite first, is the owner of it.

due to culture and norms Iranian and Afghan Muslim refugee women living in Iran are not allowed to participate in some activities. It's a pleasure and hope to see a woman running kite.




22 February 2018